Well, its the final week of regular season football; a very sad day for most American men as well as myself.  We saw a very controversial end to  the Jets,a too late of a run Eagles, and the continuation of ‘Tebow Time’.  It has been quite an entertaining season after the lockout.  There was highs, the Packers chase for perfection and Drew Brees’ individual accomplishment, as well as lows including the Colts quest for an 0-16 start and the Bills quest for a winning season not quite go as planned.  But now the play-off spots are locked up and there are not many surprises.  The always relevant New England Patriots clinched the number 1 seed for the AFC and the defending champions Green Bay Packers for the NFC.  However, the real excitement was the teams that were in the middle.

Nothing was more entertaining than watching my personal favorite, the New York Giants.   It was the epitome of a roller coaster ride.  At the beginning of the season the “dream team” was expected to crush the NFC East especially after the Giants embarrassing home opener to the Washington Redskins.  However, then there was the high point, rolling through the first half of the season with sole possession of first place in the division with a record of 6-2.  The high suddenly fell once the schedule got much harder including games against the Saints, Packers, Patriots.  It looked like another last season collapse for Big Blue, but somehow they kept hope alive and gave their fans a reason to be optimistic.  The big win in Dallas when they were down by 12 in the 4th quarter showed how tough this team really is.  They had the ability to control their own destiny and last night THEY DID IT!! The Giants came out like a Super Bowl contender team while Dallas certainly fell a little flat.

Well all good things must come to an end and this season was definitely monumental.  However, now all the fun starts!! I know I am not alone when I say that I am excited to see where this journey of a season ends.