I know my acronym might not be the greatest ever created, but it apparently is the truth behind the scenes of the New York Jets.  Trust me, I am definitely someone who loves to bask in the Jets losing, but even I am starting to feel a little bad for them. After their disgusting end to the regular season to finish 8-8, more and more reports are coming forward to bash the athletes.  It appears that there was quite a lot of tension between the players on and off the field.  The latest attack victim is Santonio Holmes after his deplorable performance on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins in which he had no catches, a first in his career.   He has been made out to be the problem child of the group after what appeared to be him getting benched in the fourth quarter of the final game.  Ladanian Tomlinsom, the team’s star running back and co-captain, came forward after the game and basically said his disgust with Holmes’s actions.  While most people thought it would stop there, in true Jets fashion the rumor mill was only just getting started.  Now, even people who have not spent one second on the field are getting in on the action. Greg McElroy, the rookie backup quaterback (who I have never heard of until this moment), has done an interview bashing the entire team.  He makes some audacious claims including “there was a ‘corrupt mindset’ in the locker room with ‘extremely selfish individuals”.  He even went as far as to say that it is not fun to be on the Jets.  That is a very bold statement considering I am sure many other people who work minimum wage jobs (myself included) would gladly trade places with him in a heartbeat.  This is what happens when a team puts too many egos together.  This storyline only seems to be  getting better.  I am sure that this will only get more and more interesting. I am definitely looking forward to football’s offseason.