To me the answer is absolutely, positively, no doubt in my mind no.  However, I may be a tad bias since I think Michael Jordan is the greatest thing to ever happen to a sports team.  The Chicago Bulls are off to another impressive start after beating Orlando Magic in Orlando.  They improved to 7-1 and an impressive 5-1 record on the road.  The Bulls have not been this good since the magical 1996-97 season when the team opened up with a 12-0 start.  Yes I do believe that the Bulls are capable of winning a championship, however, I think making a comparison of Derrick Rose to the one and only Air Jordan may be a little premature.  Yes, Rose is an amazing player and does things that does not seem humanly possible, but he still has a way to prove himself.  I know it is not fair to judge a player based off the number of championship rings, but when you are in the same sentence as Michael Jordan one should be expected to be critiqued on a much harder scale. I am not knocking Derrick Rose in any way at all.  He appears to be an excellent player on and off the court. I commend Rose playing through his injury (he suffered an elbow injury after falling on it while driving to the rim on Wednesday against the Detroit Pistons).  Off the court, he appears to be very humble and always remembers where he came from.  He never lets his accomplishments go to his head and always looks ahead to the future.  The poise that Rose seems to possess is very impressive considering he is only 23 years old!  I feel so unaccomplished in my life.  I am pulling for the Bulls to be back on top. This team deserves it; they play hard each and every night.