What a weekend it was! Did Tebow really do it again? Can Drew Brees ever throw an incomplete pass?  Well four teams were one and done this weekend; left to watch the rest of the games on the couch with the rest of us.  This weekend gave us three blowouts as well as a nail-biter that I am still in disbelief actually happened.  The Texans advanced to the next round for their first postseason win in franchise history.  It appears that T.J. Yates also won a starting role as the Texans’ quarterback of the future.  Most of the offense came from Arian Foster who rushed for 153 yards and scored 2 touchdowns.  They advance to the next round playoffs and will play the Baltimore Ravens in Baltimore.  Next we saw what can only be described as astonishing.  The Lions took a quick lead in the first half in which Drew Brees actually appeared human.  He was stripped of the ball in the first half by Willie Young not long after the Lions had another fumble recovery.  The Saints were down 24-10 at the half, but after that there was no stopping the Saints’ offense.  Every drive they had in the second half resulted in a touchdown- now that is one for the record books.  It actually was a record setting night!  New Orleans broke the postseason record for total yards, 626, that was set 49 years ago. It was also a record night for the Lions superstar Calvin Johnson.  Playing in his first ever postseason game, he recorded 211 yards with 2 touchdowns in the game.  It was a great effort by both sides and really made for an entertaining game. The Saints head west to San Francisco to face the 49ers.  The Saints are 0-4 in postseason games not played at home.  Will it become 0-5 on Saturday? Moving on to today’s games, they were just as exciting as the previous day’s games.  Starting with the first playoff game in the MetLife Stadium here in New Jersey, what an effort by the Giants’ defense holding the Atlanta Falcons to a grand total of… TWO POINTS!  What first started as a stalemate between the two teams, erupted when the Giants put up 24 unanswered points.  This did not look like the explosive Atlanta team we have seen in past weeks… Did Michael Turner forget how to run? Did Tony Gonzalez switch places with some fan off the street? Nope the Giants defense just really is that good.  This is just the kind of win the Giants needed before heading off to Lambeau Field to play the defending champions Green Bay Packers.  The award for best game of the weekend has to go to the Steelers crushing loss in overtime to the Denver Broncos.  The banged up Pittsburgh crew just never looked like the team of old that we all once knew. But did Tebow really do it? Yes, he actually threw the pass within 5 seconds of overtime beginning which lead to a touchdown and the Broncos defeat of the Steelers 29-23 (see video below).  They will now be headed to face the number-one seeded New England Patriots. Let the drama continue…..