This game might have been interesting a year ago, but the same cannot be said about the present Celtics team.  Once a team that ruled the East, now looks like its about that time to start scouting some young talent to replace its aging stars.  While the Celtics may still be an above average team, they are nowhere the unstoppable force they were not too many years ago. Now for the Chicago Bulls, they seem to be on the rise and the only team capable of stopping the South Beach ‘dream team’. This matchup made for a great showdown of two of the top point guards in the league, Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo.  Rose was coming off a toe injury and missed Chicago’s previous game.  However, the former MVP scored 25 points with some very impressive drives to the basket.  Rondo could not quite match Rose’s impressive performance, only scoring but 14 points, but had an impressive 11 assists.  Rose only had seven assists.  One Celtic who did have a big night was Ray Allen who scored 16 points, highest scoring player for the Celtics.  On the other side, one Celtic who struggled was Kevin Garnett who only had eight points. It upsets me to see the decline of the Celtics, however, I am glad there is a team who can seriously give the Miami Heat some competition.