Well, can’t say I didn’t see this coming.  After the Indianapolis Colts fired both the vice president and general manager of the team, the two just happen to be father and son Bill and Chris Polian, they can add another name to that list. Head coach Jim Caldwell has officially been fired after a miserable 2-14 season.  The 2-14 record clearly just shows that Captain Peyton Manning is and MVP since they cannot seem to win without him.  Rumors have been swirling that there may be two Mannings in New York come next season with the possibility of Peyton playing for the NY Jets.  Such an awful idea; besides Derek Jeter, no other player has consistently stayed with one team.  Peyton seems like he wants to stay, but after the firing of the coach that took him to a Super Bowl win things may change  Caldwell is definitely not the first coach to be fired this season, both Tampa Bay and St. Louis have fired their head coaches.  Jeff Fisher has taken over the head coaching position for St. Louis.  Joe Philbin, who recently lost his son, is reportedly interviewing for the job with Tampa Bay.