After a mild scare, Eli Manning is back at practice. Yesterday, he left the Giants’ practice facility early and cancelled his press conference after coming down with a stomach bug. Had he missed any more practice, I think most Giants fans would begin to panic as all offense on Sunday will most likely come from his arm. This is becoming more apparent as the predicted weather for San Francisco is rain, rain, and more rain from today until Saturday. This well make the field extremely soggy and hard to run on. Not to mention the 49ers run defense was the best in the NFC. Well, it is always great to see Eli better and hopefully this will not affect his phenomenal playing he has produced all season.

As for the other Manning, there has been rumors swirling that he will be announcing his retirement within the next couple of days. After actor Rob Lowe tweeted about the end of Peyton Manning’s career, the sports world has been buzzing. We will just have to stay tuned to what the Eli’s big brother has to say for himself.