Wow. What a game for that really fell on one person’s foot. The Baltimore Ravens season has officially ended after losing the New England Patriots 23-20. The Ravens were within the 20-yard line, but could not get it in the end zone so they turned to their kicker Billy Cundiff to tie it up. Well, all did not go as planned as Cundiff missed the field goal to everyone’s astonishment. I know I am shocked I had the Ravens going all the way at the beginning of the season. The Ravens did not play a bad game so I know this one will sting for a while, but they will just come back with an even bigger vengeance. The Patriots will be moving on to Indy to face the winner of 49ers/Giants came about to start any minute now. Does anyone else see this as deja vu? I know everyone has said that all week, but I had to join in.