With the New York Knicks losing six in a row, it was only a matter of time as to when fingers were going to be pointed. Of course we can all blame the players not playing like the professionals they should be. However, maybe it is more than that. Maybe it is the coaching that is to blame. I have never been a fan of Mike D’Antoni honestly. I think his hard offense and no defense method will always fail no matter how many points your players put up. The number one saying in sports has always been and will always be- DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS. Sure if you put up 150 points a night you will win a lot of games, but the Knicks are not that good of a team. The bright side to this is that they are not getting blown away. They are staying in the game through the end, but coming up just an inch short. Many critics are also blaming Amare Stoudemire’s lack of involvement in the offense. Many are also criticizing Carmelo Anthony’s involvement in shooting too much. There is just something not clicking with this team. The definite reason? Nobody knows, but pointing figures won’t do anything. They just need to have a baseball memory and start fresh and do what they do. Play relaxed and confident basketball.