Too many Patriots fans, this all they are thinking about. Will Rob Gronkowski be 100% when they play the New York Giants on February 5th in Indianapolis. The superstar tight end has been one of the biggest weapons for Tom Brady. If he is unable to play at at least 80%, then this is a huge advantage for the Giants. Luckily, he has two weeks to rest up his ankle that he injured in the AFC Championship game in which the Baltimore Ravens were narrowly knocked by missing a last second field goal attempt that would have sent the game into overtime. Grownkowski sustained the injury after coming down very awkwardly from a great catch. He was taken out of the game immediately and went to the locker room to get his ankle retaped. He returned to the game after only missing three minutes of play. After the game, Gronkowski told reporters his ankle was just fine and he will be ready to play. Was it the smartest idea for him to come back in? Well yes because who knows if the Patriots would have won this game. It was far from a blowout and the Ravens have one of the greatest defenses in the league.