If this story turns out to be true, it is truly a tragedy. Texas Rangers’s powerhouse Josh Hamilton is not only an amazing baseball player, but also a recovering addict. According to sources, Hamilton relapsed on alcohol. The team said that they were aware of the situation, but refused to say anything further. The team has always respected the 2010 MVP’s fight to stay sober. They have gone as far as having ginger ale for the postseason celebrations when the team has gone to back-to-back World Series. Hamilton had support on his team from C.J. Wilson who also did not like to be around alcohol, however, he signed with the Los Angeles Angels this offseason. Alcohol and drugs have had such a dramatic effect on Hamilton’s life to the point where he was the number 1 draft pick by the Tampa Bay Rays in 1999, but never debuted until 2007 with the Cincinnati Reds. I am hoping that this is just a rumor because he has made such large strides in the right direction for his life.