This is actually quite surprising. No, not the fact that she has sunk her claws into another timid athlete whose career is in jeopardy. I am surprised that this is coming out now. I figured we would hear reports the day after she “made the hardest decision of her life” and ended her “marriage” to subpar NBA player Kris Humphries. This girl just cannot leave the athletes alone and her taste has gone from Super Bowl winner to a basketball player nobody has ever heard of to a quarterback that has absolutely no respect from his team. Can she go any lower? Well she could date Rex Ryan, but I don’t even think he would give her the time of day. What I am talking about is the latest rumor that Kim Kardashian is dating New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. Of course, Kardashian denies it just like every other mysterious rumor that just pops up when people have started to forget about them. She sent out a tweet that I posted below.