Jose Reyes was known for three things: speed, excitement, and his hair. The former New York Mets shortstop has always been a fan favorite not only for his excellent play on the field, but also his attention to his appearance. No he was not a mani-pedi kind of guy, but everyone expected to go to Citifield to see him running out a triple with his dreadlocks shaking around under his helmet. Those were his New York days. Now that he is officially a member of the Miami Marlins, he went for a dramatic change. HE CUT HIS HAIR OFF! Yes, I was in disbelief what I first head this story, but there is photographic proof of this. The good news is that it was all for charity and that the hair will be auctioned off on eBay to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Below is the before and after. “One thing that I do, I wash my hair once a month,” Reyes said. “Every time I went to shower, I put a plastic bag on my hair, and David Wright (is) always making fun of me because of that. I don’t get my hair wet.”