Ok I know I have not written in a very long time because there has been nothing that exciting in the sports world since the epic Super Bowl by the New York Giants. However, all I keep hearing about is this new sensation named Jeremy Lin. In my personal opinion, I think that he is just a fad that the media has jumped on just like Tim Tebow. It is as though he has replaced Tebow as the new media darling. Yes, I do agree that his performance in the past four games has been impressive. However, am I buying into the idea that this kid could put the Knicks on his back and take them to greatness? Absolutely not. D’Antoni’s, a former point guard himself, offense was built for Lin so of course it is going to work. The Knicks needed a point guard more than anything else. Do I think he is the next Chris Paul? Absolutely not. Am I intrigued to keep watching his journey? Absolutely.