I am so tired of hearing about Jeremy Lin and the miracle New York Knicks as I am sure so is everyone else. However, I cannot deny what is going on just one state over for me. New York is having a great start to 2012 in terms of sports. First, it was the Giants who took what looked like it was going to be a mediocre year to a phenomenal finish. Now, when there is still ticker tape floating around a new media sensation has hit the mean streets of NYC. I am slowly starting to believe that this kid really does have it. I mean he is clearly a very athletic man, but some of skills are quite impressive. He is definitely talented and has brought back some life to this team who needed a catalyst in the worst way. Now can he compete with the top dogs of the league? Can he handle the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics who both have given the Knicks a run for their money?