18-17-20. What do those number represent? Those are Rajan Rondo’s stats from the Knicks-Celtics game. Rondo helped his team battle back with an overtime win with 18 points, 17 rebounds, and 20 assists. Who is putting up numbers like that? Why would Boston ever even listen to trades for this guy? With all the drama surrounding Rondo, he showed that not only is he a good player, but he is also a very mature player in that he was able to block out all the rumors and the reporters nagging him and just play his game. Suddenly, a different point guard is getting all the attention after a Knicks game. I am almost positive no one was thinking about Jeremy Lin after this game. Another Celtic who had an impressive night was Paul Pierce who finished with 34 points. So I have to ask, in what world would you consider trading Rajan Rondo? In what world would you find a trade that is fair?