Well, it has gone from awful to pitiful. While the players are in Florida trying to practice as the MLB’s worst team, their owners are about to go to court to fight paying back over 300 million dollars. As of today, Judge Rakoff ruled that the Wilpons must pay back $83.3 million to those who were affected by the Madoff scandal. The owners are saying that they had no idea that Madoff was doing anything illegal. This is embarrassing. The Wilpons just need to bow out gracefully before this gets even worse. The brand new stadium was a huge flop for a team that has become a huge flop. It is time to hand the team over to real baseball people with real baseball knowledge who will whip this team into contenders again. They need to just redo the whole team from the bottom up. You cannot have financial problems to this size and expect to win champions. It is going to be a very very long season as a Mets fan.