With the NBA trade deadline rapidly approaching, I figured I should give my take on where I predict some of the big names being discussed will end up.

1. Pao Gasol- currently on the Los Angeles Lakers- trade him
The Lakers need to make a big move in order to be able to contend in the playoffs. Yes, the win over the Heat last week and over the Celtics today showed that they are still a team with great talent, but they are a much older team. In my opinion there is no way that they can continue this condensed schedule and go into the playoffs and play 100 percent. They have proven that they are a completely different away from the Staples Center. I think that Gasol makes the most sense to get rid of. He will have a big return and the Lakers still have size with players like Andrew Bynum.

2. Rajan Rondo- currently on the Boston Celtics-keep him
There is absolutely no question when it comes to Rondo. The Celtics would be nothing without Rondo. He is the playmaker of a veteran team that can no longer handle the athleticism of teams like Miami. There is no reason for Rondo to be traded because the return would never equal what Rondo provides for that team.

3. Dwight Howard- currently on the Orlando Magic- trade him
Why would you want to keep a player who has openly admitted to wanting to be traded? That is just not fair to the fans. It would be better to trade him and get players who want to play for the Orlando fans and want to focus on making the team better. Howard would also provide a lot of return for teams. I do not believe that he will go to the Lakers as they are not looking for a big man. I can definitely see him on the East Coast and most likely the New Jersey Nets. He could take the Nets from a forgettable team to a possible contender.