Brandon Marshall is someone who is no stranger to run-ins with the law. Not even 24 hours after being traded to the Chicago Bears for basically nothing (a couple of third round picks), he was reported to have struck a woman in a New York City nightclub on Sunday night. Apparently, he got into an argument with a group of people which escalated and he threw a punch that connected with a 24-year-old woman, Christin Myles. The punch that was thrown may not have been directed for her, but she did suffer a black eye. She claims to have waited to file the police report because she was nervous of all the press his high profile status would generate….. I don’t know how much I believe that. Other reports claim that Marshall’s wife got into a separate brawl at the club that night. Apparently, when she was trying to leave the club she was struck with a bottle. Why can’t celebrities just stay in and watch television like normal people?