Most sports fans have been too captivated with the wackiness of March Madness to think about any other sports, or anything else for that matter. Well, free agency in the NFL has been off and running with some major names making major deals. Of course, one non free agent went to the bank. Calvin Johnson, better known as Megatron to fans, signed a 7-year/ $132 million contract with the Detroit Lions. This is the largest contract ever for a wide receiver. I do agree that he is an extremely valuable component, but now that we have had time to watch him when exactly is he not going to be double teamed? Hopefully, this major deal does not leave Detroit without a decent number 2 receiver. Of course, the number one free agent is still busy deciding where he will go and which team he will take to the playoffs. Of course I am talking about Peyton Manning, but there have been many notable free agent signings thus far…

1. Vincent Jackson- Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tampa Bay has made some huge moves this offseason. They took a major risk by hiring former Rutgers Head Coach Greg Schiano as their coach. They also grabbed one of the best wide receivers on the market in Jackson. He is only 29 so he has some great years still ahead. Jackson has had over 1,000 receiving yards three of the last four years.

2. Mario Manningham- San Francisco 49ers
This comes as no surprise. Manningham was not getting the playing time he deserves. He is a great receiver that New York Giants fans will always love and can understand his decision to want to play a bigger role. He had a monumental moment in this year’s Super Bowl. He was already playing behind Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz. He agreed to a two-year deal in the Bay Area. He joins another famous wide receiver signed this offseason. Some guy named Randy “One Clap” Moss. You may have heard of him.

3. Pierre Garcon- Washington Redskins
Peyton Manning’s former target will find a new home in the nation’s capital. He might not put up as great of numbers as he did in the past because let’s face it, Rex Grossman is not in the same class of quarterbacks as Peyton Manning.

4. Brandon Lloyd- New England Patriots
The Patriots already have one of the top offenses in the league. However, Lloyd will add that big-play capacity to this team. He is the guy they needed. He can break away from the defense and let Brady show off his amazing talents throwing down the field.

Those are just a few of the free agent signings. There are so many more and many more to come including the future of Alex Smith. Reports are saying that he was down in Miami talking to Dolphins officials. This makes perfect sense since Manning is no longer on the Dolphins’ radar, but instead the 49ers appear to be making a huge push to land him.