Drumroll please…….. After weeks of everyone speculating as to where Manning would end up playing this season, it appears that the elder brother of reigning Super Bowl champion Eli has made a decision. Without any further delay, Manning has told his agent to make a deal with the….. Denver Broncos. Ehhhh not quite as exciting as I had hoped for. Now the biggest mystery is the Tebow one. Where in the world does he fit in? Well it seems that the Broncos are going to try and trade Tebow. So now where does he go? Well there are not too many spots open for him. I am pretty sure team officials are not going to give him a long term deal just because he is Tim Tebow and he is a great role model and blah blah blah, but you never know. Will he take over in Tennessee like Peyton was supposed to do? I am sure many Titans fans are crushed by the news that Peyton turned down job security for the rest of his life and enough money that he could solve the hunger crisis. Maybe Tebow will wind up in sunny Miami. Either way I just don’t see quite as much buzz circulating about where he ends up like Manning got. This is what we will be seeing this season folks. Congrats Denver fans!