More bracket busting! If your bracket was not already ruined by last weekend’s games, it certainly was after tonight’s game and only two have finished thus far! So far, we watched one number one seed nearly hang on to clinch a win and another fall hard to a number four team. Let’s start with the good news. Syracuse is still alive. Barely pulling off the win over Wisconsin, a Fab Melo-less Syracuse clinched a spot in the Elite 8. The Orange won 64-63, but the game came down to the final seconds when Wisconsin had possession, but had nothing but air. Now for the bad news, Michigan State is out and Louisville is in. I am not knocking Louisville; they are a tremendously talented team with a great program. Hopefully, Rick Pitino busts out the full white suit. The Cardinals outscored the Spartans in both halves (1st half: 23-18, 2nd half: 34-26) for a final score of 57-44.