Another March Madness is officially behind us and we have a new national champion. It was a no brainer this year. Kentucky is just too talented all the way around. They are great offensively, defensively, in the paint, from the perimeter, in transition, etc. Anyway you look at it Kentucky is just a monstrous force that could not be stopped. They deserve it. They are a bunch of hard-working young gentlemen who will all find much success in the NBA (half the team is leaving this year to enter the draft including Michael Kidd-Gilcrist and Anthony Davis). Without those two these team will still be able to compete next year, but I do not think we will see another team this talented all around like this year’s Kentucky team for a while. I am sure they are still trying to soak in all the excitement, but I wish them the best of luck and I am excited to write about their bright futures in the NBA!! Much congratulations goes out to Coach Calipari who won his very first national title last night right along with them. That is a great coach who finally has the hardware to show for it.