Who would have ever thought that after the opening series of baseball, that the New York Mets would be undefeated and the New York Yankees winless? Let’s talk about the surprisingly good news first.
Maybe it is a little too earlier to get excited, but this is three more games than anyone had predicted this team to win all season. After an offseason that involved losing its superstar and fan favorite shortstop Jose Reyes to the Miami Marlins, who are 1-2 by the way, financial woes thanks to its owners getting wrapped up in the Madoff scandal, and making absolutely no big moves in free agency, it looked like this team should just accept last place with the little bit of dignity that it had. So to have this type of start has definitely brought a few smiles back to Mets’ fans. However, do not expect it to last. I mean the Braves looked like a mess out there. They were missing their key player, Chipper Jones, they had no offense going the first two games, and they had some mental errors out in the field. This is good for the Mets’ clubhouse who could use confidence from anywhere. Their best player, David Wright, is red hot right now. No one can get him out, while they have not seen pitching this solid since the late 1980s. Maybe it has to do with the return with the spark plug, Johan Santana, who looked like he had not missed a day a few days ago on the mound. You gotta love that this team is giving fans a great effort and making it worth while to watch them. They have already surpassed all expectations thus far.

Moving on to the other New York baseball team, Those Damn Yankees!! What is going on with them? The Yankees opened their season in Florida against division foe Tampa Bay Rays. They still have yet to win a game. Some blame it on faulty managing choices by Joe Girardi which seems to be the case. In the first case in which Mariano Rivera blew the save, Girardi brought in five infielders, he took out Nick Swisher and replaced him with Eduardo Nunez for defense? On the second game, Derek Jeter was only used as a DH? Not to mention, the Yankees did not have great pitching. Their ace CC Sabathia gave up a grand slam, Phil Hughes gave up two runs in four innings while reliever Boone Logan also gave up a home run. Today’s game had to be the worst. Yes, Hughes and Logan did not pitch all that well, but where was the offense? The Yankees could not buy a run, they were shut out. I am sure the Yankees will turn it around soon, but this is not a good look for the most expensive team. They are paid the big bucks to hit the ball out of the park, to leave the other team scoreless, and to make all the right decisions in the chess game of managing.