So yesterday I made the mistake of paying to go see the New York Mets. My only motivations were that it was a Santana vs. Strausburg pitching matchup and of course the greatest looking man in sports, David Wright. Well, as we all know, David Wright did not play so that was a waste to begin with. I cannot complain about the starting pitching because both did great I must say I was thoroughly impressed with both pitchers. However, I do not agree that Santana should be awarded the loss because he should have stayed in longer and the pass ball that accounted for the lone run given up by Santana should have been blocked if Josh Thole had put more effort into the game. Lackluster effort seemed to be a recurring theme with the team. No one seemed to really want to win yesterday. It was almost pathetic to watch. The only time the fans really cheered was when Ike Davis got his first hit of the season; mind you it was only a single and he was stranded on first. Not to mention, the person who got the brunt of the screaming abuse was Jason Bay. No other player on the Nationals’ squad was booed more than him. I was embarrassed for him. I completely understand why he was harassed, but he is still part of our team.

I am not one to point the finger at people. However, it was clear to anyone who watched the game yesterday that the umpires did not call a fair game. Many pitches were called balls for Santana while the same exact pitches were called strikes for Strausburg. This may sound like I am trying to find a scapegoat for their loss yesterday, but if you watch back the game you can see I am just telling it like it is. I actually enjoy the fact that it is still up the umpire because it keeps the game human. The biggest blunder was a 2-2 pitch to Jason Bay that was clearly outside of the strike zone. He had a shining moment to get cheered on by the fans who so desperately want him to be the Bay that he was in Boston. If Jason Bay went on a monstrous hitting streak this season, I think that all would be forgiven. We only ‘boo’ out of tough love. This will be the last game that I attend this season. I cannot allow myself to be tortured like this again. They need a spitfire personality to go in there and say, “I am not gonna take the field with people who cannot give their all out there for the fans.” My suggestion is to give David Wright the captain tag and tell him that in order to keep it he needs to stop being so nice and call people out on not giving their all every night. Oh and David please call me! =)