As if there was not enough of a reason for the Mets to give David Wright an extension, today he showed just how much he means to the club. Wright had a 3 RBI game and tied the Mets’ record for most RBIs ever with Darryl Strawberry. Unfortunately, it came on a day when the team got smacked around by the Braves, losing 13-6. Trust me, it was not pretty to watch from start to finish. Wright, humble as ever, had this to say about breaking the record, “It’s an honor. Straw was a great, great player. A great honor. But, like I said before, you can’t get caught up too much in that stuff while you’re playing. That’s something more to be proud when you’re done playing to look back on it, because it doesn’t mean that much, especially after today’s game. You can’t sit there and feel too good about yourself in the middle of the year and try to prepare for games. It doesn’t work out all that well.” He said that when he was little he tried to imitate Strawberry’s swing especially the big leg kick. David whatever you are doing keep it up, you are a hitting machine and a threat every time you step into the batter’s box. You give Mets’ fans hope and we all want you to stay and lead our team to victory. You are an amazing person and player who deserves to win a World Series. Congratulations to you, hope you get many more!