Put it in the books. The 21st perfect game ever thrown occurred this afternoon in Seattle. Chicago White Sox pitcher, Philip Humber [the “H” is silent], was the pitcher who made history. Watching his demeanor throughout the game was the incredible part. He did not even seem like he broke a sweat. That was until the last out which came on a check swing in which the ball got away from catcher AJ Pierzynski. He scrambled for the ball and made the throw to first base while the rest of the Sox jumped on Humber. Once everyone cleared the field, Humber was doused with some ice cold Gatorade by teammates. There has not been a perfect game since Roy Halladay tossed one in 2010 against the Florida Marlins; before they relocated and changed their name for absolutely no reason. The best part of the story? Humber joins a long list of former New York Mets’ pitchers to leave the team and pitch a perfect/no-hitter somewhere else. He joins a list including: Nolan Ryan, David Cone, Tom Seaver, and Dwight “Doc” Gooden. Congrats to you Phil and all the White Sox members because they all played a role in that moment in history. Mets’ fans, well, it should not come as much of a shock.