In what was supposed to be the tightest scoring title race of all time just lost all excitement. Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant were not even a point away from each other. Durant finished the season averaging 28.03, while Bryant was right on his heels with 27.86 points. Durant led Bryant having finished his season already while Bryant and his teammates still had one more game left tonight. The Lakers are set to take on the Sacramento Kings. Bryant only had to score 38 tonight; I say only because this is Kobe Bryant and he scores 38 like every other night. However, the race is now over even before the West Coast game airs. Why you might ask? Well because Kobe Bryant is not playing tonight. Bryant had this to say, “The scoring title is not that important. We know I can do it. We know I can go out and score 38 points. The most important thing is sending the right message to the group, which is putting a championship above all else. That means rest. That means letting other guys play. That means us getting ready for Sunday [for the playoff opener].” Bryant joins Andrew Bynum and Pao Gasol on the bench tonight. I guess I can understand why they are all resting even though I do not agree it. I mean if everyone knows, including Kobe himself, then why not show us and give the fans something to look forward to? I guess could not win in this situation because some would say maybe he should rest instead. Not me though!