It is the time of year. Christmas for many young men looking to advance their love for the game of football into a career. To someone like me, it is just a time to listen to everyone make their own mock draft and try to convince everyone why their draft is the way it is going to go. Well the top two came as no surprise to anyone including the two lucky young men selected.
Andrew Luck went to the Indianapolis Colts and the Peyton Manning era has officially ended and the Andrew Luck era has officially begun. Luckily for Luck (unintentional), the Colts picked up someone that is familiar playing with. The Colts picked up tight end Coby Fleener with the second pick of the second round. Fleener also attended Stanford so this could end up in a very interesting duo. Definitely gotta watch the Colts again this year after giving up on them last year.

With the second pick, the Washington Redskins selected Robert Griffin III. The Redskins do not have a second round pick so we will have to wait to see if they select any weapons for him to throw to. They did pick up Pierre Garcon which could be huge for a team looking to compete in one of the toughest divisions in football. Especially since Griffin III is very similar to division rival quarterback, Michael Vick, in their ability to run the ball.

The Cleveland Browns traded up to make sure they got the guy they were looking for. Trent Richardson was that guy. Richardson was predicted to be the best running back in the draft so he has quite high expectations to live up to. Along with Richardson, the Browns also picked up quarterback Brandon Weeden meaning the not so great Colt McCoy era may be over.

This is all I personally am going to comment on as you could go on for pages about the draft, but I would rather wait until football season to critique these men.