Wow. This team continues to prove doubters wrong. Could the New York Mets be the real deal? It is still way too early to tell as the Mets are known for second-half collapses (I know every Mets fan remembers 2007). However, as a fan I cannot complain about this scrappy little team. They have really stepped up to the plate especially in this three game series against the Philadelphia Phillies. The Mets were forced to face two of the league’s greatest pitchers in Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee. Tonight was Lee’s first game since coming off the disabled list. Normally, the Mets would be lucky if they could score a run in each game, but that was the old Mets. These new motivated, determined Mets would not go down quietly. In each of the three games, the Mets trailed only to come back and overcome the Phils who looked like a last place team. The Mets know hold the record this season for most come from behind wins. Who knew the financially strapped Mets would be a potential threat for other National League teams? Of course they still do have their issues, they did give up runs in every game and had to claw their way back. The first game was highlighted by brand new major leaguer Jordanny Valdespinn’s first hit, which just happened to be a three-run bomb off Jonathon Papelbon. David Wright continues to be one of the hottest players in the league right now and he seems to be back to his Gold Glove fielding skills. In tonight’s game it appears that Mets’ fans finally had their prayers answered when first baseman Ike Davis hit a tremendous three-run home run and had a double. Imagine if he starts getting hot and hitting behind an even hotter David Wright bat… possibilities are endless. Let the Cinderella headlines begin.