The playoffs are in full swing as we enter the second round. Many teams have been watching from home sobbing as they watch their competition advance to the elite levels.

Away from the playoffs, individual honors were also handed out. Last week, Lebron James was given MVP honors. This is pretty boring considering he was an early favorite and it does not hurt that he is one of the most dynamic players in the whole game. Last year’s MVP, Derrick Rose, missed too much time to be considered for the award a second year in a row. Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant were the only other names being thrown into the conversation for the award. So can the MVP take his team all the way and finally get the honor that has eluded him his entire career? It is not going to be easy now that the Heat looks to be without Chris Bosh after tests results confirmed a strained ab muscle. However, in my opinion if there is no broken bone and nothing is popping out of the skin, then you play and give all you can. You only come out if it seems that you are doing my harm than good.

Another honor given out was the Rookie of the Year. Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers took that honor home. Hmmm… wasn’t a different player from the Cavaliers and first pick named Rookie of the Year a couple of years ago? Does this mean Irving will take his talents to South Beach? Most likely not, I do not think Cleveland fans can handle that, however he may follow in James’s footsteps in earning MVP honors throughout his career.

Named for his great work off the bench, Oklahoma City’s James Harden was given the Sixth Man of the Year award. However, Harden is mostly remembered as the guy who was viciously elbowed in the face by Metta World Peace instead of his outstanding play to help get his team into the position that they are at now. His teammate Kevin Durant may have also helped in the Thunder’s success. Harden has put up outstanding numbers, he is averaging 16.8 point and 4.1 rebounds a game.