Harden and Trina hugging prior to one of his games.

Poor James Harden. As if catching the end of a ferocious Metta World Peace elbow was not bad enough, new reports are surfacing that Harden’s girlfriend, rapper Trina, cheated on him with no other than rapper Lil’ Wayne. The two have been dating for several months. She was even seen at his games supporting her man. This is not Trina’s first time with a basketball player. She dated LA Clippers power forward Kenyon Martin some time ago. Those are her lips on his neck. Now that is true love. However, that relationship is long over and it seems her new one with Harden may be on the verge of ending with these rumors. Wayne is also on the outs with his Israeli fiancee after she posed for some racy pictures in a men’s magazine. Could this be true? Anything is possible, however, this just seems like journalists getting creative. Neither party has yet to comment on the situation. Harden is currently in Oklahoma playing the Lakers in Game 1 of their playoff series. He has player four minutes and has four points. Oklahoma is up 30-23 at the end of the first quarter.