If the New York Mets learned anything from Jose Reyes’ departure from Flushing, it was to not let their true superstar walk in the same fashion after having an incredible season. Reyes had one of the best seasons he has had in a few years minus the injuries that continue to overshadow his talents. He is a better than average fielder and was almost impossible to get out last year, leading to him winning the Mets’ first ever batting title. Much debate is still discussed over the way Reyes ended the season when he took himself out of the game after getting a bunt single to protect his lead in the batting champ standings. Well, none of his accomplishments (including the love of the New York fans who came out with signs every day for their beloved shortstop) could get the Mets to give him the contract he wanted. Most Mets fans have moved on from the loss by trying to rationalize that Jose relies so much on his legs and after having so many injuries he will be unable to produce at this level for the full length of his contract with the Marlins.

Now for Mr. Wright, the man of this team and capturing the love of all New York fans. It might be for his movie star good looks, his humble attitude, or his ability to produce this year on a team everyone laughed at. So far, Wright is having an unbelievable season and if there was no Matt Kemp, he would be in the NL MVP discussion. He is batting .400 right now. This is the same guy who has been off ever since getting clocked in the head by a Matt Cain fastball. I know I am not alone when I say that my heart stopped when I saw him laying on the ground. However, he appears to have finally found his groove again, just in time to talk a contract extension. He desperately deserves a raise and to retire a Met. He does so much for this team on and off the field. He represents them at charity events, he keeps a clean image, and he is a leader to all the young players trying to find their way in the major leagues. Even after Fred Wilpon, owner of the Mets, said he was not a superstar he still stayed loyal to his team and refused to bad mouth anyone. Well, he sure seems like a superstar to me. There seems to be much hope that Wright will be brought back for a long-term contract. General Manager Sandy Alderson said that there are absolutely no plans to trade Wright this summer. Well, if they learned anything from Reyes, it would be that if you have no intention of keeping the player around then you should try to get something before they walk. This is very encouraging news for Mets fans who all want their captain to stay. Wright is the good ol’ boy who grew up a huge Mets fan and is living out the dream of being their star third baseman. Doesn’t that sound awfully familiar of a cross town rival shortstop?