What sad news. Yesterday was one of the most monumental days in the current New York Giants’s players lives as they were awarded their much deserved Super Bowl rings. However, an ex-player was forced to put his prized position up on the auctioning block. Lawrence Taylor, one of the greatest defensive players to ever grace the NFL field, was forced to sell his Super Bowl XXV ring. So far the ring has brought in over $89,000. The auction continues until Saturday and bids could reach up to $100,000. Ever since he stepped off the field things have not gone well for Taylor. Last year, he was infamously charged with third-degree rape which he knocked down to sexual misconduct and patronizing an underage prostitute. He is serving six years probation. Ouch. What a low point for such a great player. This should not overshadow the happiness that the current Giants are experiencing. So… to keep things positive I give you this picture of Prince Amukamara with his ring just because you cannot help but smile when you look at it.