The past couple of days have been some monumental moments in sport’s history. However, I noticed that things have been coming in pairs…

The LA Kings now have a 2-0 lead over the New Jersey Devils in the Stanley Cup Finals

The LA Kings are also 2-0 in their overtime games against the Devils

After Johan Santana’s historic no-hitter for the New York Mets, two players landed on the DL (Mike Baxter and Ramon Ramirez)

Two people were ejected from the New York Yankees vs. Detroit Tigers matchup (Yankee manager Joe Girardi and hitting coach Kevin Long)

Oklahoma City Thunder outplayed the San Antonio Spurs to even the series at 2-2

The Spurs are now 0-2 since the Thunder snapped their 20 game win streak.

The Celtics look to even their series against the Miami Heat tonight at 2-2

The Mets have two complete game shutouts against the St. Louis Cardinals