The defending Super Bowl champs are on the field. This is day of a three day mandatory veteran minicamp. So what went down on the field? Well, the reigning Super Bowl MVP, Eli Manning, had his first pass picked off by Michael Boley. Let’s just hope he is a little rusty and getting all the interceptions out of him now rather than during the season when it counts. More importantly was who was not on the field. If you can believe it, Osi Umenyiora was there, but did not participate. The defensive end was not angry not hurt, which is a good sign, but instead he just wanted to take it slow. Both cornerbacks, Kenny Phillips and Corey Webster, also sat out most of practice as precautions with Webster having a hamstring issue and Phillips has a history have knee problems. A familiar face was also on the sidelines with Hakeem Nicks watching the other receivers work out. He recently had surgery o his foot after breaking a bone in it. He is extremely optimistic that he will be able to play in the first game of the season. He rose the exercise bike on the sidelines. All very good signs so far from the New York Giants who are looking to repeat.