As a shock to almost no one, disgraced former Penn State football assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky, will never see the light of day again. Sandusky was found guilty on 45 out of 48 charges and now faces up to 448 years. I would like to know what exactly those three charges are that he was not found guilty of. Judging by his lack of emotion when the verdict was read, it is pretty clear he is in fact guilty. The 68-year-old will never be a free man again and most people are relieved to get him off the streets. However, now he is being placed on suicide watch (Surprise, surprise). He is being kept separately from all other inmates. I ams sure it is more out of fear that the man will get raped by other inmates just like he did to those little boys (not to be graphic). “The judge in this case and the warden in this case decided to take a measure not meant to suggest in any way that he is suicidal, but simply to put the precautions in place first and then evaluate later,” Karl Rominger told CNN. He will be sentenced in 90 days where he will most likely learn that his life will remain in a cage like the animal that he is. If he does somehow have light at the end of the tunnel, I would be scared to see the uproar that will occur. RIP Joe Paterno, you could have done more, but you will be missed.