In another attempt to own the world, the Kardashians have gotten their way. It was pretty obvious the family was not too thrilled when they found out former Los Angeles Laker, Lamar Odom, was being traded to the Dallas Mavericks. How could they possibly film their “reality” show while two key characters were hundreds of miles away? We all know just how awful that trade went for Lamar who put up the worst numbers in his career and was ultimately benched for the remainder of the season. Well the stars appear to magically be realigning for the Kardashian Klan who just got a huge paycheck for future seasons of the show that made them stars because Odom is back in Los Angeles. The Clippers have picked up the veteran and of course Kris Jenner is saying she had no part in it. Believe what you want, but the news is true. With Odom coming to the Clippers, LA sent Mo Williams to the Utah Jazz. So what did the Mavericks, the team Odom is coming from get? Well, not much for a guy who won Sixth Man of the Year not too long ago. Dallas got cash, trade exception, and the draft rights to Tadija Dragicevic. The Rockets were also involved in the trade, they received the draft rights to Furkan Aldemir. What is the Kardashian secret to always getting what they want? It is almost scary just how calculating they are. Too bad, this news will still never be bigger than anything Kim and Kanye do on a daily basis.