Again, last night’s ESPYs were really nothing too exciting. The only two shining moments were the tribute to Pat Summitt and seeing Eric LeGrand come out and make a speech in which he dedicated his award to all those struggling with similar injuries. However, something is quite confusing. Lebron James is constantly on the most hated athlete list, yet he won THREE awards. Since the ESPYs are totally based on the fans’ votes, clearly Lebron is more loved than hated. So does Lebron just have extremely passionate fans that made sure King James cleaned house? Could everyone finally be getting over their hatred for Lebron and moving on with their lives? I mean the man is clearly and extreme talent who deserved a championship and deserved any accolade he may get in the future. I think the Lebron haters have now officially been overshadowed by the Lebron fans. Too bad he could not take the 45 minute flight from Las Vegas to accept the awards in person, but he is training for the Olympics so he can get a pass. Paradox has been decoded.