This pains me to write since he was always one of my favorite players, but newly acquired New York Knick, Jason Kidd, was arrested earlier this morning for DWI. Kidd who is 39 and knows better, was arrested in Southampton and released on his recognizance. There is new reports that Kidd was so drunk, he had to be carried out by friends. So… your friends are there to carry you out of the club, but not there to give you a ride home? Maybe it is time to get some new friends. I get you want to celebrate because it appears the Jeremy Lin era has finally ended and you can TRY to have all the attention again in the Tri State area because no one really cares that much about Raymond Felton. However, that does not excuse your reckless behavior. You’ve got a family that looks up to you. The New York Knicks are not having a good weekend. Fans will soon be storming the streets of the city after learning Linsanity is over… the world must be ending.