It is now official. Jeremy Lin has left the New York Knicks and made it official that he is now a Houston Rocket. We can all breathe a sigh of relief now that we all know. But seriously, ESPN and the rest of the sports networks need to find a new topic to harp on. It is not even basketball season anymore, why not focus on the baseball trade deadline that is approaching rapidly? They are making Jeremy Lin like the second coming of Michael Jordan. Yes, he did add momentum to a sluggish New York Knicks team. Yes, he electrified Madison Square Garden. No, he did not even play a full season. No, he was not perfect and had many turnovers that were constantly overlooked by the media. Hopefully, the media can take a back seat. No, this is not Yao Ming Round 2 just because he is Asian. However, maybe being in Houston will allow him to focus on the game and less on the media. Good luck Jeremy Lin I am so sure I will still continue to see you on all the New York newspapers’ back covers. That should be a nice consolation gift for all the bandwagon fans who bought a Lin jersey after his FIRST game.