Hakeem Nicks has always been known for having great hands both for the New York Giants and even previously while playing in college for the University of North Carolina. However, his college stats are about to include an asterik. During his final year at UNC, in 2008, it turns out that Nicks was ineligible to play due to academics. It turns out that the breakout star was receiving help from a tutor who was implicated in the 2008 scandal. UNC came under fire from the NCAA in March for problems like this and were given a 3 year probation, inelgibility in any 2012 bowl games, and the school chose to vacate all the wins from their 2008-2009 season. Nicks holds the record for career receiving touchdowns (21) and touchdowns in a season (12). I am sure Hakeem is not too deeply saddened by the news, he did just win a Super Bowl and is the top receiver of the New York Giants. His life is still good. He is still a great player who is loved by the harshest city in the United States.