When I tell people that I am a Mets fan, I am normally greeted with laughter. However, the first half of the season garnered them some respect. They are basically a minor-league team who had an MVP third baseman in David Wright who was virtually impossible to get out. Their pitching was phenomenal. Their beloved ace, Johan Santana finally got the one thing that had eluded the Mets for 8,019 games, a no-hitter. Santana was followed up by the greatest story in baseball in knuckleballer, R.A. Dickey. Dickey befuddled most hitters and had back to back one hitters. The Mets and their fans were riding high for the first few months of the season. They were right there headed to the playoffs. However, then the second half began. What a difference a few days off can make. This team is almost unrecognizable especially after today’s news. As if losing one starting pitcher, Mike Pelfrey, was not bad enough. The Mets added two more starting pitchers to the disabled list, one being their ace Johan Santana. Santana has been having major trouble on the mound recently and it was clear to all that the gamer was hiding some kind of injury. The Mets have only won one game since the second half began and have looked absolutely awful. Their bullpen is an atrocity and everyone sees it. They are almost guaranteed to lose a close lead. There are a few bright lights for this team. David Wright is having an unbelievable year both offensively and defensively. Without him, who knows how poorly this team would be doing. He is the veteran of the team that has garnered respect from others by the heart that he gives during every game. A young kid named Jordanny Valdespin has proven to be clutch again and again and again. He has shown the Mets that he has some great power with FOUR pinch-hit home runs late in games. This kid has a very bright future and should really be playing over veteran Jason Bay regardless of Bay’s contract. It is very clear that New York and Jason Bay do not agree and the Mets want more Valdespin time. Due to the injuries to the pitchers, it appears that some of the big prospects that the Mets have will finally make their debut, most notably Matt Harvey. Mets fans have been not-so patiently waiting for his debut as he might be the future for the Mets. It would be quite sad to watch this team who fought so incredible hard just slip all the way down into the cellar. Even if they do not go anywhere in October, this team has left their mark in history and fans’ hearts.