It was only a matter of time before this decision was going to come down. Right or wrong, I am sure everyone knew that the university would decide to remove it for safety reasons. There would have been way too much controversy if the statue would have remained standing. Right or wrong, this is one of the worst situations I have ever heard in my life. We are all forgetting who the real victims are. Joe Paterno is not the victim. Those little boys who were brutally traumatized were and this should really not be top of the news. There are plenty of people who are at fault here, but it is time for the press to stop covering this story and try to allow the victims to get some peace. Should the football team receive a punishment? Personally, I do not think so because then it is as though the NCAA is punishing innocent people. The victims do not gain any peace of mind by having the Penn State team banned from playing, but instead it looks as though it is their fault that fans do not have football anymore. It is quite sad that Paterno will not be remembered for the good that he did do for the university. I guess it is true… one mistake could ruin everything.