Devin Thomas, the man responsible for the crucial fumble recovery in the Giants Super Bowl, has decided he has had enough of the game. He announced his retirement today via Twitter. Thomas had agreed to a contract with the Chicago Bears in the offseason, however, he will be remembered as a New York Giant. He said that he never played to break records, but instead he was more focused on winning a title. He did accomplish that feat last year and I guess if you are going to go out, you should go out on top. Another reason Thomas decided to leave the game he loves behind was after an awful injury he experienced against the team that drafted him, the Washington Redskins, in which he laid motionless on the field. “What am I risking when I step onto the field?” he said. “Do I want to be in a position where I can’t play with my kids? Do I want to end up leaving the game with all kinds of brain damage where I can’t remember things. It’s a good time for me to step away. Now that Thomas has a lot of free time, what exactly are his plans? He wants to plan a wedding with his fiance as well as spend more time with their four-year-old son Devin Jr. He does plan to stay connected to football, however, he plans on mentoring children.