You are now the greatest Olympian of all time, what are you going to do now? Some charity work? Train other athletes? Of course not, reality television is a much better idea. Now that the London Olympics are officially over, Michael Phelps has nothing to do with the rest of his life. Phelps announced that this would be his last Olympics before the games started. Well, he could just drift off into oblivion with his gorgeous girlfriend, but then we would all miss him. So, Phelps has decided to try out a new sport. Golf. Phelps has signed on to be a student of Coach Hank Haney who used to work with Tiger Woods! It is all for a reality show on the Golf Channel entitled “The Haney Project”. First of all, I did not even know there was a golf channel, I guess I am not as big a sports fan as I thought.It sounds like Phelps is taking lessons from a former Olympic great, Bruce Jenner. Maybe once Kanye and Kim stop with the publicity stunts, I mean break off their wonderful union, he can date her! I am sure they would look great together!