It is looking more and more like this will be Bobby V’s only season in Boston. Ever since he arrived it has been anything but smooth. The team is nowhere near where they expected to be in standings and it seems that their behind the scenes drama is coming forward to the press. They don’t have a winning record, their pitchers have all underwhelmed, and they have shown that they cannot rise above from injuries. The New York Post already named possible replacements for Valentine’s manager role in 2013. However, what exactly would firing the manager do? They fired Terry Francona after their horrendous collapse at the end of the season and still no progress forward has been made. Maybe it is time players accepted more responsibility for the way their season is going, good or bad. It seems that when things are going great, then players are ready to say that it was all because of them. As I watch the Red Soxs lose, it just makes me shake my head. The pitchers need to be put at fault as well. Excuses are made that Bobby V. does not know how to keep his mouth shut, but they knew what they were getting when they hired him. He worked in New York because it is the kind of place that a meek person would get lost in. Now that he is here playing against the Yankees, he is faulted for not saying that his team will be in the playoffs and the Yankees will not. Now what if he did say that? We would all look at him and laugh at his ridiculous statement. It just seems that Bobby V. can’t win and needs to be out of Boston. Mets fans will always appreciate you Bobby, but maybe the rest of the world needs some time for you to grow on them.