The New York Giants not only sent the Jets a message, but also the entire New York media: pay attention to us, we are the better team. The Giants combined for seven sacks against both Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow in their blowout win, 26-3. The most impressive play of either team went to rookie cornerback Jayron Hosley who not only caught a Sanchez interception, but also ran for a 77 yard touchdown. “He stepped in front of the receiver in the flat, and he certainly does have the speed once he caught the ball to run down the sideline and score,” Coughlin said. “We were all cheering for him.” However, after the game, reporters focused on asking why Hosley was wearing a walking boot. He is unsure of the extent of the injury, but he said that he felt some pain after his huge play and went into the trainer’s room. More tests to come with the extent of the injury. The Giants cannot afford to lose Hosley with all the struggling that Prince Amukamara has been having. Another injury during the game was to top running back Ahmad Bradshaw. Bradshaw was limited to just three carries during the game before injuring his right hand. The X-rays were negative, but the injury appears to be a cyst that burst during the game (that just sounds so gross). The running back assures that the trainers are just being pre-cautious and he will be just fine. The Giants are going to need him as they running game is still one of their biggest problem areas. Luckily, the Giants do have many options at the spot (most people looking forward to seeing David Wilson live up to potential), but the Jets almost got a safety when D.J. Ware appeared to not be able to get out of the end zone with the ball. “We know Ahmad’s a tough guy,” added fullback Henry Hynoski. “If there’s any way for him to be out there, he will be. He’s just a competitor and he’s a guy that you want on your team and you want out there every snap with you.” The Giants win championships with their positive attitude and family atmosphere. There is no sense of competition between the guys and they all just have a common goal of wanting to win. That is something that cannot be taught, but it is what separates a playoff team and a championship team.