Lance Armstrong is considered one of the greatest athletes of all time. He beat cancer and still competed in Tour de Frances. However, all his accomplishments have been wiped away. Armstrong has long been excused of cheating and has always fought it. However, he has decided to stop fighting and just relinquish his titles. ALL seven of them. He will also no longer be allowed to race again. Armstrong’s last option was to enter into arbitration after retiring last year. “There comes a point in every man’s life when he has to say, ‘Enough is enough.’ For me, that time is now,” Armstrong said in a statement sent to The Associated Press. He called the USADA investigation an “unconstitutional witch hunt.” So what proof does Armstrong have that he was clean all those years? The dozens upon dozens off clean drug tests, both urine and blood, that he has taken over the years. Armstrong needs to realize that he is a hero for so many people and to give up just shows them that nothing is worth fighting for. He might not have asked to be a role model, but he sort of did when he came forward with his cancer diagnosis and overcame it to win another title. This will not take from people’s memory of Armstrong’s incredible accomplishments, but it it such a sad ending to his amazing story. He was the guy everyone pulled for and wanted to see succeed. Who didn’t own one of those Live Strong bracelets? Maybe the USADA should take his clean tests into consideration before such drastic measures.