All women understand that liking sports is not considered a normal “girl” thing. However, what are we in 1865? It seems that way with the tweet that MLB just sent out. They were reporting on the Yadier Molina being taken out of the game after a collision at home plate. Now what I am sure what they meant to say was that Molina is such a gamer he still managed to hold on to the ball. However, instead they phrased quite insensitively, “Yadier Molina was forced to exit after this devastating collision, but he held onto the ball because he’s a man:”. Now it sounds like if he was a woman he would not hold onto the ball. Of course all female sports fans came out and had some pretty funny comments. Ms. Stabby ‏@LadyBlueICU- “I like to hold onto balls nice and tight. Squeeze em to the death… @MLB” was probably the most interesting one I could find. Come on guys, we get it you are intimidated that women are starting to know more about sports than you and it is making you insecure, but just appreciate our love for the game. Look at it this way, you will never fight over the remote!